Jody (strangebint) wrote in buffy_bad_girls,

Fic Update: More or Less- Blood That Glows


Title: More or Less- “Blood That Glows”


Rating: R (for sexual content)


Author: Strange Bint


Pairings: Spike/Faith, Angel & Connor


Summary: Chapter on long standing Spike/Faith & Connor Centered Spin-off. Connor and Faith are both getting older and Spike and Angel have different opinions on that than they do. They are all working together on The Re-risen Sunnydale accept when Angel and Spike are bickering. Connor and Faith just fight themselves, as Faith dreams of murdering Buffy and Connor thinks about blood.


Note: More Willow/Kennedy and Buffy coming soon.


Link to Current Chapter:


Link to Facts about this Fic:


Link to You-Tube Opening Credits:

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